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Women's Month



Location: Gauteng / Mpumalanga
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According to Global Citizen, in South Africa, adolescent girls miss up to 5 days of school per month due to menstruation. In honour of Women’s Month, The Star Foundation in collaboration with Palesa Pads hosted an event and donated 325 pads for adolescent girls.
Palesa Reusable Pads is a company that offers eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions! Their reusable pads can be utilized for up to 5 years, reducing disposable pad expenses by 20%. With a focus on sustainability, these pads are not only environmentally friendly but also easy to use – simply wash and reuse every month! They bridge the economic gap and the crisis of young girls missing out on school due to menstruation.
Marking the celebration of Women’s Month, the events took centre stage at Hawk Academy, Gauteng and John Mdluli Primary School, Mpumalanga. There was a deep focus on empowering young women about menstrual hygiene and adopting sustainable, eco-friendly practices. One of the highlights of the events was the introduction of Palesa Reusable pads. Moreover, the events provided an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge, breaking menstrual taboos and jam-packed entertainment.

Together, we embraced the concept of menstrual hygiene, sustainability and addressed the nationwide problem of young girls missing out on school.

Attendees received a “Basic Flo Kit” which consisted of 4 Palesa pads for different flows, a 5lt bucket, washing powder, laundry soap, a 200 ml bottle of white spirit vinegar and an informational leaflet, which are all the essentials they would need for that time of the month.

To donate, become a corporate sponsor or to purchase the pads, simply click here.
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