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We believe in the spirit of ubuntu, giving back to communities of South Africa and uplifting those in need. As The Star Foundation, we are on a mission to uplift and restore dignity to different communities in South Africa through various initiatives from education, health, sanitation, community development, and animals to environmental projects. We also believe in honesty and openness; therefore, our platform allows everyone to be a part of the journey, from start to finish. In order to remain completely transparent, you will have a full view of the financials of every cause on our website.

Join us today and help us grow and make South Africa a better place for all, one cause at a time.


Philanthropy and giving back to society is an integral part of LottoStar’s blueprint. Over the years we have given back and helped many through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.
LottoStar’s philanthropy is not isolated to one cause as we provided relief to multiple causes such as sports sponsorships, bursaries, medical financial aid and much more. Through these multiple charity initiatives, LottoStar was able to partner with some of the major radio stations like Jacaranda FM, 947, Kfm and 702.
Seeing the great impact that these partnerships have made on different communities and how much more could be achieved, The Star Foundation was born. The Star Foundation was created as an NPC to undertake and oversee all the charitable causes that we are involved in on a broader sphere, and a more transparent and accountable platform.


We invite you on this journey of love, hope and restoration.
We seek to build a transparent platform that will contribute to the needs of different communities through our charitable causes – from education, health, sanitation, community development, animals to environmental projects. Our platform is very open and makes it easier for those whom we partner with to connect and follow every project. We are committed to every cause and would like to remain accountable and transparent throughout.

Why Choose Us


Not only will you assist those in need, but you will be a part of every cause in which you contribute to. You will be able to follow the journey and access the financial reports of each cause on our website.


Our time and contribution will help positively impact the lives of those in need through the various causes.


This means restoring hope, light and dignity to the lives of those in need. You can contribute your time, skills, donations or resources to the cause of the needy


“If you want to uplift yourself up, lift up someone else”. Therefore, as The Star Foundation, we would like uplift communities in need by sowing seeds of love and hope. However, we can only achieve this together, with your help!