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Location: Gauteng
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In the depths of uncertainty, there's one certainty we hold dear, the warmth of a nourishing meal.

Born from a desire to combat South Africa's hunger crisis, Jars of Hope stands as a beacon of renewal for the homeless, displaced and vulnerable members of our society. Their mission is to restore dignity and ignite hope in those who need it most.

The Jars of Hope project commenced during lockdown in 2020 on Mandela Day, 18 July. Inspired by the legacy of Nelson Mandela, they assembled jars filled with essential soup ingredients. A wholesome meal capable of nourishing up to four people.’

These jars served as a lifeline for many during the pandemic and continue to do so. This winter, The Star Foundation and LottoStar generously contributed time and ingredients assembling jars for those in need. With determination and teamwork, we assembled 225 Jars of Hope for the Rosebank Shelter and surrounding organizations and the vulnerable in the area, providing up to 900 meals. Along with each jar, we included a beanie for those cold winter nights, making the initiative not just about filling jars, but also about filling hearts and bellies with warmth and sustenance.

Please help us continue to provide warm, nourishing meals to the vulnerable men and women in our community. You can contribute by filling your empty jars at home with this simple list of dry soup ingredients. Many of us already have these staples at home, and with a little effort, we can make a big difference. Together, we can extend the reach of our compassion and support.


1 Cup of rice
1 cup soup mix
½ cup of split peas
½ cup of red split lentils
½ cup of whole brown lentils
Stock cube
1 packet Soup

Cooking instructions:
Place contents of Jar into a large pot
Add 4 (for stew) – 5 (for soup) jars of hot water
Bring everything to boil
Once boiling lower heat
Cook on low heat for about an hour
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