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Training for the visually impaired

Hein Wagner Academy

Training for the visually impaired



Location: Western Cape
The Story
The Journey
When one door closes, another opens and reveals new strengths and opportunities. For Hein Wagner, born blind, his vision extends far beyond the physical world—it's a vision of limitless potential and opportunities.
Hein Wagner, a global adventurer, motivational speaker, corporate entertainer and founder of the Hein Wagner Academy, has made strides in empowering the visually impaired community.
The Hein Wagner Academy provides blind and visually impaired students with specialized training in cybersecurity. The faculty is made up of highly skilled trainers who offer tailored education to meet the unique needs of their students. The academy offers a variety of courses, from Microsoft Office-based short courses to full-time certificate programs and an intensive two-year Cyber Security program.

Founded in 2019 in Worcester, Cape Town, the Hein Wagner Academy emerged as a beacon of hope after the closure of the Department for Career Development in 2018. Hein Wagner’s vision was to fill the void and provide post-graduate training for the blind and visually impaired.
LottoStar's The Star Foundation has generously donated R1 Million to support the academy’s mission of empowering the visually impaired.
The academy’s success is reflected in the achievements of its graduates, many of whom have secured positions in cybersecurity at leading organizations like Absa. These accomplishments highlight the academy's mission to transform lives through education, enabling visually impaired individuals to gain economic independence and social connectivity.
This donation will help cover the running costs of the academy’s facility.
Your support can help the Hein Wagner Academy continue its vital work.
Visit to follow their journey and to learn more about how you can get involved or donate to make a lasting impact.
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