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Owl Rescue Centre

Owl Rescue Centre

Owl Rescue Centre



Location: Gauteng
Completed: 30 September 2022
The Story
The Journey
The Owl Rescue Centre experienced a devastating fire which ripped through the sanctuary, destroying 12 averies.
The Owl Rescue Centre is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that serves as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for owls in South Africa. It was established by Brendan and Danelle Murray, in 2012 to conserve owls that were at risk of extinction.
With the rapid decline in the number of owls, the organisation has since become a sanctuary where veterinarian bring the rescued owls.
Since the establishment of the centre, they have rescued over a thousand owls every year and provided rehabilitation for them. After the owls have healed, they are released into a sanctuary on the farm.
The Owl Rescue Centre aims to create awareness and understanding among various communities about the role owls play in the ecological system and how they share our natural habitat.
The sanctuary is the first of its kind in the whole world. Every night, owls can be seen grazing at the various feeding platforms in the sanctuary and several owls reside there.
Brendan Patrick Murray, one of the co-founders, spent most of his youth studying birds. He came upon the realization that owls are endangered and needed help before they became extinct. His wife, Danelle, holds a degree in psychology which has been beneficial in her efforts to protect, rescue and rehabilitate different animals.
The Star Foundation donated R30,000 to the Owl Rescue Centre which will help rebuild a complete avery.
To raise funds for the Owl Rescue Centre, please donate here.
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