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Location: Mpumalanga
The Story
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Pediatric care Africa stands as a beacon of hope for disadvantaged children across south Africa.
Pediatric care Africa is a non-profit organization and was founded be Dr J Andre Hattingh a retired neurosurgeon. Fueled by the belief that every child deserves quality healthcare, regardless of circumstances, this non-profit tirelessly endeavours to bridge the gap between sick children and essential medical services.
In a country where many children lack access to proper medical care due to lack of appropriate medical facilities. Their mission is clear, to ensure that every child irrespective of financial, social, or geographical constraints, receives the care they deserve.
Their range of services addressing the diverse needs of vulnerable children include:
  • Doctors visits: providing regular medical consultations.
  • Surgeries – facilitating, life-saving surgical interventions.
  • Medical outreach programs – reaching out to underserved communities to deliver vital healthcare services directly to those in need.
  • Support for mother and child – extending assistance and guidance to mother and child.
  • Disaster relief – offering aid and support during times of crisis.
On 11th of February Dr J Andre Hattingh embarked on the organizations 5th annual 7,000km motorcycle ride across South Africa. His mission to raise awareness and funds essential for the surgeries and treatments of impoverished children.
The star foundation pledged R50,000 towards Pediatric Care Africa’s goal of R500,000.

To make a donation directly to Pediatric Care Africa click here
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