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Location: Free State
The Story
The Journey
Born with a congenital condition leaving him without a fibular bone in his left leg, Gerhardus Visser develops normally, attends mainstream school, and loves staying active!
After reaching out to Jumping Kids for assistance, in 2012 the Vissers agreed to expert medical opinion to amputate Gerhardus’ left leg below the knee with the intention of fitting him with a prosthesis. The surgery took place at Steve Biko Academic Hospital on 17 October, one week before Gerhardus’ first birthday.
By December that year, Gerhardus was fitted his first walking prosthesis and delighted everyone by taking his first steps only a few weeks later, just in time to celebrate January 2013.
He caught up quickly to reach all the mobility milestones of a toddler that age and has been going for every opportunity to actively participate in school and in sport ever since.
Describing himself as energetic and enthusiastic, Gerhardus is well-liked, has close friends, and feels accepted for who he is in his community. He is also a passionate tennis player with big future dreams.
With continued assistance from Jumping Kids to make sure his prosthetic equipment is periodically maintained, Gerhardus has shown no developmental issues. He is a confident (almost) 13-year-old that fits in well with his peers.
What is your favourite subject at school and why?
Life Orientation. I really enjoy the subject, especially the practical work. I find it very interesting.
What would you like to pursue as a career one day?
I would love to become a professional tennis player like Novak Djokovic or Carlos Alcaraz. They inspire me and I love playing tennis.
What types of sport and extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Right now, I am involved in swimming and tennis. I also spend at least one hour per week at the gym to do core strength training and other exercises designed to strengthen my legs.
What do you hope to try with your prosthetic sports blade?
To play tennis at Wimbledon one day is my dream.
What is your message to children living with a physical challenge?
Never give up. You will at some point in your life reach your dream and celebrate a wonderful achievement. Just don’t give up!
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