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"Children represent the world's most precious asset and hold the key to a promising future." - JF Kennedy. That's why Surgeons for Little Lives is passionately dedicated to elevating the lives of sick children through transformative surgeries, offering them a chance at a better and healthier tomorrow.

The registered non-profit organization (NPO), established in 2005 is committed to improving the lives of sick children. They aim to ensure that these children and their families receive adequate health care.

The organization is led by a dedicated team of paediatric surgeons who wholeheartedly commit themselves to providing essential healthcare to underprivileged children in need of life-changing surgeries.

According to International Insurance, South Africa ranks as the third African country with the highest number of medical doctors. Unfortunately, certain circumstances are beyond their control, causing the inability to provide adequate care for everyone. These circumstances range from:
- Limited medical equipment.
- Over-crowded hospitals.
- Poor hygiene.
- Long waiting times.

These circumstances result in children taking longer to recover from surgeries, making surgical complications more likely to be severe.

The primary objective of “Surgeons for Little Lives” is to raise funds for various upcoming projects which are namely:
- A paediatric unit where parents can sleep over.
- An operating theatre dedicated to paediatric burn patients.
- A playground for recovering paediatric patients.

The Star Foundation donated 200 admission packs and upgraded the Play Area.

Hospital admission is daunting for the children and their caregivers. The admission packs consist of essentials such as toiletries and toys, just to ease the whole process of admission.

We also aim to bring comfort to the children through play. Hence the upgrades of the hospital's play area to create a safe, vibrant space where children can find solace and joy, positively impacting their emotional well-being during medical treatment.

You can support Surgeons for Little Lives by making a personal donation, volunteering or raising awareness, click here.
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