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Inkanyiso School Shoes

School Shoe Donation

Inkanyiso School Shoes



Location: KZN, MP, WC
Completed: 17 February 2023
The Story
The Journey
Education is the way to break out of poverty, however, there are certain challenges that most learners from disadvantaged families face such a decent pair of school shoes.

According to Inkanyiso School Shoes – a social enterprise that produces affordable, good quality school shoes aimed at children in impoverished areas – at least 7 million children do not own a pair of adequate school shoes, resulting in them missing out on school because they may be stigmatized and the journey to school is too painful barefoot.

The Star Foundation donated 330 pairs of school shoes to schools in Kwa Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Mpumalanga in honour of World Kindness Day, taking place on the 17th of February annually.

Inkanyiso School Shoes organised a charity event at KwaVulindlebe School for the Deaf in Durban, during which they received their allocation. The remaining school shoes were distributed to schools in Mpumalanga and the Western Cape

Inkanyiso was established to assist children who do not have a decent pair of school shoes, who tend to miss out on school due to that. By providing a new pair of shoes at an affordable price, a child can attend school and reach their full potential.

The organization partners with individuals, communities and businesses through their initiative called Partners for Prosperity. Inkanyiso manufactures the shoes and facilitates the donation process by identifying schools in need.

Individuals, communities and businesses that are part of Partners for Prosperity support the education of children by providing them with quality school shoes. They are also investing in South Africa’s economy, as the shoes are locally produced and promote job creation in the country.

You can also give a child an opportunity to attend school and reach their full potential with a donation.
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