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Location: Gauteng / Western Cape
Completed: 21 March 2023
The Story
The Journey
It all started with one soup kitchen after Danny Diliberto encountered a homeless man and offered him soup. This simple gesture was the beginning of Ladles of Love, a non-profit organization (NPO) that aims to address hunger and food insecurity.

In the years that Ladles of Love has been operating, they have provided over 21 Million meals and served thousands of children and families throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng. There is more to the foundation than providing meals. They are all about dignity, respect and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

Other than providing meals to various communities, they aim to teach the members of these communities how to be sustainable and to support themselves. Several non-profit organizations, community projects, schools and other soup kitchens are assisted by Ladles of love.

The foundation made history by breaking the World Record for building the “Longest Line of Food Cans”. With the help from donations they were able to build a 6,7 km long line, made up of 90,450 cans of foods at the V&A Waterfront. Not only did they break a record but they also raised awareness concerning the hunger crisis in various communities.

The Star Foundation and LottoStar staff will be dedicating their time at an Early Childhood Development centre by planting a vegetable garden, filling the pantry with groceries and interacting with the kids.

A small gesture can make a big difference in someone's life. You can get involved by provide a daily meal for someone in need for as little as R250 per month, donating groceries, volunteering or by raising funds.

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