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Location: Gauteng
Completed: 11 May 2024
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The Journey
Palliative care is a specialized form of medical support for individuals with critical illnesses. Patients and families suffering from life-threatening illnesses are the primary focus of this program.
While there's a common belief that palliative care is solely for those at the end of life, it's important to note that it's available to individuals of any age, at any stage of illness.
Another form of palliative care is Hospice care, which is specifically aimed at people with terminal illness who have a prognosis of six months or less to live.
HospiceWits, established in 1979 by Arend Hoogervorst, stands as a care center specializing in palliative support. A year after opening a six-bed unit in Houghton, the organization expanded to the Mofolo Clinic in Soweto. In response to the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis, an in-patient unit was established in Diepkloof.
Presently, HospiceWits boasts a dedicated team of 85 full-time staff, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and volunteers, committed to providing care and support to patients facing life-threatening illnesses.
Throughout its 45 years of operation, HospiceWits has extended its compassionate services to over 1000 families, offering palliative and hospice care, alongside running a crèche for orphans.
According to insights from HospiceWits, patients battling with serious conditions such as cancer, heart and lung ailments, and dementia can significantly enhance their conditions and overall quality of life through timely access to palliative care.
In a testament to community support, The Star Foundation has generously contributed R105,000 towards essential medical supplies and medication for the Houghton and Soweto branches of HospiceWits.
Every contribution plays a crucial role in sustaining HospiceWits' vital mission. To donate and support their invaluable work, please click here.
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