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Location: Mpumalanga
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The Dasha Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves as a stimulation Centre for disabled children, a school for children with special needs and a protective workshop for disabled children and adults to receive special skills.

'Dasha' means God's gift in Greek and it aims to be a gift in the lives of children with disabilities.

The foundation opened its doors in 1995 as a school with only three children and one teacher. Due to space constraints, the centre and the school had to merge into one building. Children who had graduated from school and other children with disabilities who were considered too old for school established the workshop.

Regular school subjects including reading, writing and mathematics are taught at each child’s level. Learners are also taught basic life skills that they need to master.

The workshop division of the foundation aims to develop skills such as knitting, sewing, beading and artwork. High quality products are sold when the opportunity arises.

Donors are welcome to assist The Dasha Foundation through donations. To get involved, click here.

LottoStar's The Star Foundation has contributed R77,950 to The Dasha Foundation to rebuild the school's boundary wall and ensure the children's safety.
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