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Autism Acceptance Month

Action in Autism

Autism Acceptance Month



Location: KwaZulu Natal
The Story
The Journey
Established in 2005, Action in Autism is a non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of people with Autism. As the only non-profit organization serving the needs of people with Autism in Kwa-Zulu Natal Action in Autism’s service is critical, because the province has an average of at least 150,000 people diagnosed with Autism.
The organization’s objective is to improve the life of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD and their caregivers by building partnerships between people with ASD, their families and the community to provide information, services, learning and research in Durban North.
Their projects include and Early Learning Intervention Centre, Shahumna Adult Skills Transfer and Business Hub – and a resource centre providing ongoing support to family and community members who support autistic people. It is the only walk-in resource centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal and provides pivotal service to vulnerable individuals.
During Autism Awareness Month, The Star Foundation donated R95,600 to their gym room with sensory-friendly equipment – and equipment for the catering & hospitality program for their industrial kitchen.
Gym Room with sensory-friendly equipment:
Through guided exercise programs and sensor friendly equipment, autistic individuals can develop strength, endurance and confidence in their physical abilities, establishing a sense of empowerment.
Catering and Hospitality Project:
The catering & hospitality project currently runs within the industrial kitchen attached to the Action in Autism Hall as it’s base. Young adults with a significant interest in cooking, baking and catering are trained in the field. Participants will contribute towards a micro-enterprise, providing catering – sandwiches, teas, light meals and baked goods for internal Action in Autism functions, as well as for external events and functions.
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