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Published 31 October 2023

Milestone moments – 200 breast cancer surgeries completed

Celebrating a year of impact with 200 breast cancer surgeries.

Milestone moments – 200 breast cancer surgeries completed
A year ago LottoStar’s , The Star Foundation joined forces with Kfm 94.5 for a 12-month campaign. We have funded 200 catch-up surgeries performed by Project Flamingo.

Project Flamingo is a non-profit company that aims to improve inclusive cancer care in the South African public healthcare system by providing resources needed for breast cancer surgery.

It’s been an incredible year, and we’ve empowered 200 remarkable women from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape by providing them life-saving Breast Cancer Surgeries. These courageous women have been on the waiting list for at least one year.
Breast cancer surgeries are not just medical procedures. They are journeys of strength, hope and resilience. As we celebrate one year of impacting 200 lives, we are reminded of the dedication of the healthcare professionals.
Together, we continue to make strides in fighting against breast cancer and support those on their road to recovery.
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